5 Common Symptoms of Spinal Disorders

Spinal issues and disorders are painful and, oftentimes, debilitating. Luckily, most of these issues can be treated with the help of a licensed health professional. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your spinal care provider as soon as possible.
One of the most commonly experienced symptoms of a spinal disorder is lower back pain after activity. Whether you are experiencing a dull ache or sharp muscle spasms, back pain isn’t normal. Many people who suffer from spinal disorders report feeling more pain following sudden movements or lifting heavy objects. This pain could also spread to your upper back or buttock area.

It’s also wise to see a spinal specialist if you are experiencing back pain that shoots down the leg area. Sciatica is a spinal disorder that causes sharp and severe muscle spasms from your lower back all the way down to your leg and feet. In some cases, this sharp pain is only apparent in one leg. It may be more severe following periods of sitting still or standing. In severe cases, it may cause difficulty walking or moving.

Did you know that frequent headaches could be a sign of a spinal disorder? If you experience frequent migraines and headaches, it’s time to check in with a medical professional. In some cases, headaches are caused by undue tension or misalignment in the spine. A readjustment can oftentimes relieve these headaches and reduce discomfort.

If you have pain or difficulty walking, you need to be checked for a spinal disorder. If you are experiencing a deep aching pain when moving or walking, it could be due to isthmic spondylolisthesis. This spinal disorder causes vertebrae in the lower back to slip forward. Most commonly, it causes nerve pain and makes it difficult to walk.

Sore neck and shoulders are also symptoms to pay attention to. Many people carry stress in their neck and shoulders. Due to poor posture and stressful situations, it can cause strain on your back and vertebrae. Seeing a doctor is a great way to reduce this strain and ensure that your spine is in optimum health.

While some spinal disorders can be resolved quickly, others may require a more serious approach. The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles is dedicated to providing minimally invasive solutions to those suffering from spinal disorders. From sciatica to compression fractures, their personalized treatment plans ensure that you receive the best medical possible.

Regain mobility and your life by allowing The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles to treat you. To discover more about our doctors and patient center, visit www.craniospinalcenter.com

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