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Testimonial for The Craniospinal Center

I was suffering from severe lower back pain. I was unable to walk.

My office experience was amazing. Everyone was extremely compassionate. Dr. Gantwerker made time to see me the very same day he was contacted by my Internist. He informed both me and my wife that surgery was the best option for me. He was clear in his explanation of my condition. He was patient, understanding and compassionate and made me comfortable and confident in his diagnosis and plan of action. He made immediate arrangements that had me checked into Tarzana Medical Center that very same day and had surgery scheduled for the following day.

I had not seen another specialist but had extreme confidence in my Internist’s recommendation of Dr. Gantwerker.

Surgery was frightening to me. I had only been operated on once before. It was an appendectomy. But Dr. Gantwerker explained the procedure to me and was able to put me at ease. My pain was excruciating so I put my trust and faith in Dr. Gantwerker.

I woke up instantly pain free! I was up and walking the very next day. Dr. Gantwerker came to see me in my room and I thanked him profusely. He released me the next day, but warned me that I had to take it easy and went through the dos and don’ts. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t listen very well because I felt healed and believed that I could do most anything. Within 2 weeks I was back to see Dr. Gantwerker because I was experiencing some discomfort. He ordered another MRI and sure enough, I had damaged my disc once again. I was back on the table the very next day for a repeat performance by Dr. Gantwerker. Another successful procedure and once again I was pain free and up and walking the very next day! Only this time, I listened to every word he said and followed his instructions to the “T”. Within 4 months, I was playing golf again, working out at the gym 3 times per week, and have never felt stronger!

Thank you Dr. Gantwerker!

1. What was the problem that brought you in to see Dr. Gantwerker?

Degenerative disk disease, C5-C6

2. How was your experience with the office? With Dr. Gantwerker?

Both the office staff and Dr. Gantwerker wonderful. The office staff was friendly and on
top of everything. Dr. Gantwerker was fantastic. He is kind and compassionate and
!00% committed to helping you get better.

3. If you had seen other similar specialists for this problem, what made you choose Dr. G?

I had seen numerous other specialists before I saw Dr. Gantwerker. I chose Dr. Gantwerker based on his credentials and even more so on how he treats patients. He is personable, he truly cares about his patients, and he is 100% committed to helping you get better.

4. What were your concerns about surgery and how were they answered or how were you reassured?

My concerns were that the surgery would not be successful, that I would be the same or worse after surgery. Dr. Gantwerker assured me that he knew what the exact problem was, that he had done this surgery many times with a very high success rate, and that I was an excellent candidate for the procedure.

5. Describe how your life has changed since your surgery? Are there things that you are excited or happy to be doing again? Think of anything, such as your job, recreational activities, family life, or travel.

My life has changed completely since the surgery. At 37 years old I was on the verge of becoming a total shut in. I was in some much pain that I could not work, could not do anything physical, and had no social life because I could not stand long enough to go out. I was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day, on a tremendous amount of painkillers and severely depressed.
I am now 6 months out from having an anterior discectomy and fusion, and my life has completely changed. My recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. My pain level has dropped to almost nothing and is getting better with every month that passes since the surgery. I am off all painkillers, back at work, hiking, mountain biking, going to the gym and am able to enjoy time spent with family and friends. Dr. Gantwerker gave me my life back.


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