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The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles provides exceptional and comprehensive care to patients with spine disorders and brain tumors. In the capable hands of Dr. Gantwerker, patients can get the full range of medical and surgical options for the spine and neurological conditions that cause pain, immobility, and difficulty in their lives.

Dr. Gantwerker and our team at The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles give new meaning to the term “individualized care.” Every person facing a painful and debilitating spine problem deserves the utmost compassion and consideration, in addition to treatment that’s based on their unique needs. That’s the type of care they can count on at The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles, where the doctor delivers all treatment, and the entire staff supports post-operative rehabilitation.

Personalized concierge treatment is routine at The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles. The team supports each person’s health and recovery by coordinating and scheduling their appointments, such as radiology appointments, specialist referrals, and other vital consultations. They’re deeply vested in ensuring each patient achieves the best possible outcome.

Patients can receive treatment for diverse neurological conditions at The Craniospinal Centers of Los Angeles, from lower back and neck pain to degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves such as sciatica, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, normal pressure hydrocephalus, and concussion.

When surgery is the best option, patients can depend on the experience of Dr. Gantwerker, who specializes in minimally invasive surgery and motion preservation procedures, such as spinal artificial disc and spine endoscopy, which effectively alleviate pain while maintaining spinal movement.

As an expert in removing and treating brain tumors, Dr. Gantwerker has extensive experience in complex cases. He helps each patient achieve optimal outcomes for both minimally invasive and traditional surgery and other advanced procedures.

To obtain pain relief and receive the excellent medical or surgical care you deserve, call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.


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