Next Look Spine Case Review


Have you been told you need spine surgery?

Dr. Gantwerker now offers a convenient service allowing patients to have their films reviewed online.

We understand surgery can be daunting, and that sometimes surgery appointments seems somewhat rushed.   Dr. Gantwerker can review your studies and spend the time you need to understand what the next steps might be.  

Visits will be virtual, with the option of coming in for an in-person appointment at our office.

If you have been offered spinal surgery and would like to get a second opinion, it is simple to get an expert review from a board-certified, spine fellowship-trained neurosurgeon. To get started just follow the below steps.

1. Fill out the downloadable Telehealth Consent Form and email it to

2. Fill out the Second Opinion Google Form - we will be notified of your request. *We only do our second opinion consults on Wednesday afternoons from 2-5 pm PST*

3. We will give you instructions on how to upload your study information

4. Call our office at (310) 694-8300 or email us at to set your appointment and set up payment. We will also give you the password to the virtual waiting room when you log into our Telehealth app. We look forward to hearing from you!


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