Artificial Disc Replacement

The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles

Brian R. Gantwerker, MD

Neurosurgeon located in Santa Monica, CA

In the last 20 years or so, an option for replacing, rather than fusing a spinal disc is being offered.  This has been show to offer increased range of motion and similar or sometimes better outcomes than fusion.

Disc Arthroplasty

What are Artifical Discs?

- They are a replacement for the native spine disc


How are they compared to a regular disc?

- Spinal discs mimic the natural motion of discs as close as possible


What are they made of?

- They are made of a mix of sturdy materials - titanium, medical grade plastic and even porcelain


How do I know which one to ask for?

-The best bet is to make an appointment and explore the options.  Artificial discs are not always possible, or the right choice for your problem.  Call us at (310) 694-8300 or email us at to understand what the choices are.